Our Story


About Us

Carmen Muhammad decided to start JAYA skin care company in 2018 that represents empowerment, love, and confidence. As a survivor of domestic violence since the year 2000, she has recognized the importance of JAYA (Just As You Are). She holds her 40 hour domestic violence counselling certificate where she worked as a DV Advocate for the YWCA of Glendale.

Carmen Muhammad has volunteered her time with Shepherd's Door and worked closely with the Executive Director Mrs. Linda Offray. Shepherd’s Door gave her the strength and power to hold her head up and not be ashamed to tell her story. Ms. Muhammad has been honored by Sheherd’s Door as volunteer of the year.

Loving and believing in yourself accepting who you are as an individual is the key to full acceptance of oneself unapologetically. JAYA is not just a brand it is a way of life so live it to the fullest!

In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.
— Andrea Dykstra

Paying It Forward

With your purchase of JAYA products you are empowering domestic violence victims to become survivors. Portion of the proceeds will be given to organizations that will empower domestic violence survivors.

Thank you for paying it forward!